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The Agile and Harmonized Assistance to Devolved Institutions (AHADI) Project

The Agile and Harmonized Assistance to Devolved Institutions (AHADI) Project

The Agile and Harmonized Assistance to Devolved Institutions (AHADI) Project was an integrated governance programme which contributed towards the implementation of Kenya’s devolution reforms between 2014 -2020. The project supported building transparent, accountable devolved governance systems that are participatory and responsive to empowered citizens and effective in delivery of devolved functions and services.

AHADI partnered with Kenyan public institutions and civil society organizations (CSOs) to employ a demand-driven approach to enhancing the capacity of all actors to implement and achieve the objective of devolution. The Project’s activities were designed to contribute towards three mutually reinforcing objectives:

Objective One: Targeted counties to provide higher quality services through improved governance.

Objective Two: Functionality and effectiveness of the devolved system increased through improved intra-government engagement and cooperation”.

Objective Three: Improved representation of citizen interests and oversight of targeted county government performance

The AHADI Project was funded by United States (USAID) and United Kingdom Government (UKAid) and implemented by the Center for International Development of the State University of New York (SUNY), Local Development International (LDI) and the Urban Institute (UI). It was implemented from 2014-2020.

Over the six years of implementation the Project supported national government institutions, county governments and civil society to develop policy, legislation, regulations, processes, guidelines and capacity development materials to support them in the performance of their functions and to facilitate effective citizen participation.

AHADI Knowledge Products;

Click here for the knowledge products developed by various institutions with support from the AHADI Project.

County Governance Toolkit: Click here for the County Governance Toolkit. The Toolkit is a web-based integrated resource that users can navigate and search for information on the processes that county goverments undertake and how citizens can get involved in:

  • decisions on the priority development needs and the allocation of public resources to address these needs transparently and equitably,
  • managing the delivery of services and development projects,
  • accounting for resources used and reporting on performance, and
  • evaluating and reviewing results to inform adjustments and future plans.

This web-based Toolkit was developed as a reference to resources and experiences gained through the capacity development efforts focused on county public expenditure management and public participation. The Toolkit represents the Project’s efforts to strive for quality standards and consistency with national policies and legislation across multiple thematic areas and the different counties. The Toolkit is by no means a complete resource but designed as platform that will require further review and development by actors in the devolved system.